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Broadcast 933 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Michio Kaku was the guest for this special Space Show program co-hosted by Dr. Bob Krone. We started the discussion by asking Dr. Kaku about his new best-selling book, "Physics of the Impossible." Dr. Kaku explained to us the three classes of impossibilities involving science, technology, and engineering. You will definitely want to hear this discussion since it relates to many potential space developments. As a result of listener questions and questions from co-host Dr.

Broadcast 916 (Special Edition)

Guest: Matt Hancher was the guest for this special Wednesday Space Show program. We began our discussion with an explanation of the Yuri's Night global celebrations. For more information on this event, please visit their main web page From their website, you can find where the parties are located in the United States as well as around the world. If you find there is no party near you, you can start one. Just follow the instructions on the website and add your party's information.

Broadcast 915 (Special Edition)

Guest: Steven Milloy, founder of (, was the guest for this program. Steven started out telling us how and why he started This is an interesting story about agenda driven and controlled financing of science projects and experiments, so don't miss it. From this topic we went to the topic of aerial spraying, DDT, and real vs. imaginary science behind such government or NGO programs. Again, this is an important discussion.

Broadcast 900 (Special Edition)

Guest: Alan Steinberg was the guest for this Space Show program. Alan represents the brightest of the brightest of the American youth who we talk about frequently on The Space Show. Today, we get to hear about common Space Show topics and themes through the eyes, ears, and perspective of our future policy makers. We talked about many topics that, while not unique to youth, clearly have a special meaning for young Americans. For example, you will definitely want to hear how Alan responded to questions about ITAR and planetary defense from a potential incoming NEO.

Broadcast 890 (Special Edition)

Guest: Burke Fort. Burke Fort was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss the 8th Continent Project ( Mr. Fort explained how the 8th Continent Project integrates technology with space business concepts and projects and incorporates them into the global economy. When asked what type of technology or space related activity was the easiest or smoothest to integrate, he said those activities which use data in the form of a data stream are probably the easiest type of business or product to work with.

Broadcast 885 (Special Edition)

Guest: Kathleen Connell. Kathleen Connell returned to The Space Show for this special program the day before Super Tuesday for the 2008 Presidential Primary Election Campaign. During the show, Kathleen spoke about space and politics, the place for space policy in the national dialog, and the work we need to do to bring this dialog into existence with political candidates, our representatives, and the general population.


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