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Broadcast 1230 (Special Edition)

Guests: Josh Neubert, Aaron Rusheen, Daniel Asturias. Topics: Spirit of Innovation Awards Program, Conrad Foundation, how to get an outstanding high school education. Today's Space Show program featured The Conrad Foundation and their Spirit of Innovation Awards ( ) for this year. Two first place winners were our guests, Aaron Rusheen who created the Final Frontier Apparel Company and Daniel Asturias who created the MotGen System. Also with us was the Conrad Foundation Executive Director, Josh Neubert.

Broadcast 1229 (Special Edition)

Guest: Lynn Baroff. Topics: Space education in public school, human-robotic systems integration, Mars, space policy. Lynn Baroff was the guest for this Space Show program. We started Segment one with a discussion of the upcoming NASA Lunar Lander Challenge to be held this year at NASA Ames the weekend of October 17-18. The public is welcome. Mr. Baroff is the leading judge for the event and my having been to the event last year, I know that this year's program will be even better. Mr.

Broadcast 1216 (Special Edition)

Guest: Paul Lithgow. Topics: aerospace engineering, micro & nanosatellite technology, Comtech AeroAstro opportunities. The Space Show sat down with Comtech AeroAstro President Paul Lithgow at the recent SmallSat Conference at Utah State University in Logan, Utah for this interview. We were joined by Space Show friend and One Giant Leap Foundation Board Member, Dr. John Jurist. I first learned of Comtech AeroAstro at the most recent Responsive Space Conference and arranged to meet Mr. Lithgow during SmallSat and talk small satellite and space security business with him.

Broadcast 1215 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. George Nield. Topics: personal spaceflight regulations, Office of Commercial Space Transportation within FAA, launch license. Dr. George Nield returned to The Space Show to update us on changes in space policy and regulation per the AST. For more information, visit their website at . Dr. Nield told us about the many changes and developments within the FAA and AST since his last appearance on the show in the summer of 2008.

Broadcast 1214 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Leik Myrabo. Topics: Lightcraft, Beamed Energy Power, low cost space access. Dr. Leik Myrabo returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss beamed energy propulsion (BEP) as well as his new book recently published by Apogee, "Lightcraft Flight Handbook LTI-20." This book is available at . The book is co-authored by Dr. John Lewis. Your purchase through Amazon partners using the URL above helps The Space Show.

Broadcast 1211 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Paul Hardersen. Topics: K-12 space education, STEM education, UND Space Studies programs. Dr. Paul Hardersen, Associate Professor of Space Studies, returned to the Space Show in order to discuss the new K-12 space education outreach program and more. In the first segment, we discussed the K-12 program and other Space Grant and space educational programs designed for the K-12 grades. At one point during the discussion, Dr. Hardersen said next year they would probably limit the programs to grades 8-12 as they were more appropriate.

Broadcast 1202 (Special Edition)

Guest: Leonard Johnson. Topics: Team America Rocketry, NASA, high powered rocketry, STEM education. Our guest for this Space Show program was Lt. Leonard Johnson who, as an Illinois fire-fighter and paramedic, responded to the 9/11 Ground Zero and Katrina tragedies. We started off segment 1 by asking Len for his thoughts, perceptions, and experiences in working at Ground Zero and then in helping out with the Katrina tragedy. I believe you will find the sharing of his experiences and perceptions with us to be instructive, valuable, moving, and important.

Broadcast 1177 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Roger Launius, Andrew Johnston. Topics: space exploration, geography, Hubble, human spaceflight. Dr. Roger Launius and Andrew Johnston were the guests for this Space Show program to discuss their excellent new book, "Atlas of Space Exploration." You can find out more about this book from the One Giant Leap Foundation book website, We started our discussion by talking about ancient observatories and then observation versus exploration.

Broadcast 1172 (Special Edition)

Guest: Rusty Schweickart. Topics: Planetary defense, Near Earth Objects (NEO). Former astronaut Rusty Schweickart returned to The Space Show today to update us on what is happening with efforts to develop and deploy a planetary protection policy for NEOs. Two websites you should visit for more information on this subject and to follow along with Mr. Schweickart are the Association of Space Explorers ( ) and the B612 Foundation (


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