Broadcast 4122 Open Lines

Open Lines, Sunday, 12-3-23   #4122

Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston; Topics:  Multiple topics as discussed by those calling us and sending us emails. 

Topics:  Open Lines Discussion; Guests:  Callers on various topics and blog comments from earlier show. Please refer to the tags (copied below) for a list of the primary topics in the order discussed on this show.

Broadcast 4103: John Jossy

Guest: John Jossy. Topics:  The overall theme for this program was “Why Settle Space” per the blog Space Settlement Progress by John Jossy. We discussed the many contributing settlement vision statements submitted to John’s blog. The post is also on TSS blog for this show.  Check it out to read the mission statements submitted. Additional questions on various topics were fielded re the vision statements and ideas.

Broadcast 4012 Dr. Greg Autry

Dr. Greg Autry, Tuesday, 4-11-23, # 4012

Guest:  Dr. Greg Autry;  Topics:  Dr. Autry made the case for both the use of nuclear power and the need for rational climate discussions.  He supplied facts and details to make his case. We also talked economics, our challenges, possible solutions, space and the economy and much more.


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