Broadcast 1284 (Special Edition)

Guest: Ross Tierney. Topics. Direct 3.0, Constellation, NASA, political process. Ross Tierney returned for this two hour program to update us with Direct 3.0 in light of the Augustine report and the upcoming announcements regarding U.S. Civil Space Policy. In our first segment, Ross brought us current with Direct 3.0 and the Augustine Commission. This is a comprehensive discussion. We also talked about work force issues and job losses in the space industry as a result of potential space policy changes.

Broadcast 401 (Special Edition)

Gene Meyers of The Space Islands Group returned to The Space Show for this program. Sir Charles Shultz, an associate of The Space Islands Group was also on the show with Gene to participate in the discussion about new Space Islands projects. We focused considerable attention on SPS and hurricane deflection. In addition, Gene explained the Space Islands approach to working with external tanks and a cloned shuttle to deliver an operating SPS to orbit within a few years. We discussed the economics of his program, capital acquisition, technology, engineering, and AST approval.

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