Broadcast 472 (Special Edition)

Robert Zimmerman returned for this Space Show program. We began the interview with Robert updating us on the latest Falcon I launch plans with SpaceX. We then got into a management issue discussion with SpaceX compared to NASA and other companies. Robert talked about Hubble, mentioned his new book on Hubble, we talked about negative and positive journalism and fear, both with the Iraqi war as well as the space program. Robert updated us on what to watch for re the shuttle returning to flight, the vision program and more.

Broadcast 369 (Special Edition)

Charles Chafer, CEO of Space Services, Inc., was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Chafer began the interview by discussing the services offered by Space Services, Inc., mainly space burials. He described the services but in addition, we talked about launching and secondary payloads, SpaceX and the Falcon 1 which Space Services is using for their next launch, the difficulty in buying a ride to space as a secondary payload for a space funerals, and more. Mr.


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