Broadcast 4155 Agnieszka Pilat

Note:  Due to ilness, we have changed our guest for tonight's program. Please be sure to read the bio for our new guest, Agnieszka Pilat.  In addition, our cell phone connection resulted in strained audio.  Our apologies for the less than excellent audio for this important discussion.  Thank you.

Dr. Space

Guest:  Agnieszka Pilat; Topics: Art and technology, SpaceX example, her Boston Dynamics robot pet dog Spot, growing up in communist Poland and its influence on her art, technology and being free, space, technology as the new cathedral and much more.

Broadcast 4088 Tim Ventura

Tags:  Tim Ventura, propulsion history, EV technology, battery development, Ukraine war, AI, robots, rocket technology, space tourism spaceships, fusion, nuclear space power, the Moon as a staging area for the solar system, Mars not now, mitigating gravity, UAP concerns, FTL travel, gravitational lensing, space tourism challenges, NASA, Private Sector , Blue Origin, SpaceX, space leads to unrealistic expectations, race car technology, comparing Ford Explorer to Tesla Model 3, Tesla technology, desktop computer comparisons, computer code, ARM chips, Intel chips, Windows on ARM, farm equipmen

Broadcast 4017 Tim Cash

Guest:  Tim Cash:  Tim went over the known details for the initial Starship demo test from April 20, discussing potential problems, possible remedies and rocket modifications.  Furthermore, Tim talked about his passion in detail, space solar power.  Starship modifications and the potential impact on lunar and Mars timelines were also discussed as was the rocket's acoustic damage at launch to the engines and the pad.


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