Broadcast 607 (Special Edition)

Dr. Sam Dinkin returned as the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview with a brief update from Dr. Dinkin on his new blog, Decisive Win ( Check it and comment on it. Dr. Dinkin continues to write for The Space Review but his posting on his own blog will now constitute his blogging rather than his previous contributions to Transterrestrial Musings. The conversation then moved on for updates about SpaceShot, Sam's new start-up skill game to allow people the opportunity to earn a trip to suborbital space.

Broadcast 441 (Special Edition)

Dr. Sam Dinkin and Cmdr. John Herrington joined The Space Show to discuss Rocketplane and Dr. Dinkin's new venture, SpaceShot, a skill game designed to provide ordinary people with a chance to take a $200,000 suborbital space tourism flight for about a $5 entry fee. We began the program talking with Cmdr. Herrington about Rocketplane, the spaceflight experience, space suits and pressure suits, the Rocketplane flight test program, and everything related to Rocketplane.

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