space vehicles

Broadcast 631 (Special Edition)

Dr. Henry Hertzfeld returned to The Space Show for this special program. Last on the show April 9, 2003, we opened up discussing the changes in the space world since his earlier guest appearance on the program. We talked about changes resulting from the Columbia accident, the VSE, SS1 and more. In addition, we discussed his 2005 paper, "Launch Vehicles: An Economic Perspective." You can find this paper and many others of his as well as others from the Space Policy Dept. at GWU by visiting the website,

Broadcast 534 (Special Edition)

Bryan Palaszewski was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. We began the discussion talking about advanced space propulsions, experimental, exotic, and new fuels, and space ship and engine design. Bryan fielded many questions from listeners on a variety of related subjects. We talked about not only advanced and experimental fuels, but methane, nuclear electric and nuclear thermal propulsion, green rocket fuels and engines, frozen hydrogen, water, and much more.

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