space ship

Broadcast 633 (Special Edition)

Chuck Lauer returned to The Space Show for this special program to discuss Rocketplane-Kistler and more. We started our discussion with Chuck asking him about some of his past innovative ideas for recreational space development. This led Chuck to telling us how he got interested in space and a listener asked him about his preference regarding the regulatory world of real estate versus developing a space ship. The listener wanted to know if Chuck preferred working with a zoning commission or AST. Guess what his answer was!

Broadcast 534 (Special Edition)

Bryan Palaszewski was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. We began the discussion talking about advanced space propulsions, experimental, exotic, and new fuels, and space ship and engine design. Bryan fielded many questions from listeners on a variety of related subjects. We talked about not only advanced and experimental fuels, but methane, nuclear electric and nuclear thermal propulsion, green rocket fuels and engines, frozen hydrogen, water, and much more.

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