Space Intellectual Property

Broadcast 1413 (Special Edition)

Guest: Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz. Topics: Space law updates, U.S. Constitution and space law, commercial space. We welcomed back Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz to update us on space law issues of which there were many. You can find her paper, "One Half Century and Counting: The Evolution of U.S. National Space Law and Three Long-Term Emerging Issues" that we discussed during the first segment at

Broadcast 1391 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Burton Lee. Topics: European Commission Space Research Program (ECSRP) and European space consortia for American space companies. We welcomed back Dr. Burton Lee to discuss the European Commission Space Research Program for American space companies and the upcoming July 21, 2010 Stanford University Open Meeting for business and university researchers interested in applying for limited European Commission grant funds in areas such as cubesats, space transportation and propulsion systems, robotic exploration technologies, and NEOs.

Broadcast 1353 (Special Edition)

Guest: Alan Ladwig: Topics: Obama space policy, U.S. space policy, NASA outreach, NASA TV, NASA and politics. Alan Ladwig, Deputy Associate Administrator for NASA Public Outreach was our guest today. During this program, Mr. Ladwig referenced several useful and informative websites that I recommend for bookmarking. All of them start with a visit to One site in particular that I suggest you visit often is their new video page,

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