space flight

Broadcast 480 (Special Edition)

Commander (Ret) William F. Readdy was the guest for this special Space Show program. We began our discussion noting that this was the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle and Commander Readdy had been a shuttle commander, NASA astronaut, and the former NASA Associate Administrator for Space Flight/Operations, leading the shuttle's return to flight program. Mr. Readdy provided us with his insights on many topics related to NASA, the VSE, technology, engineering, our future in space, the Moon, and more.

Broadcast 455 (Special Edition)

Dr. Harvey Wichman was the guest for this special Space Show program. As Dr. Wichman is an expert in human factors for space travel, suborbital as well as orbital, plus since he is the director of the Aerospace Psychology Lab at Claremont McKenna College having done various human experiments simulating space flight and cabin condition, we spent a significant amount of time discussing the wide range of factors that can and do impact people in space. Dr. Wichman was superb at breaking down what factors concern suborbital, orbital, and long term space flight.

Broadcast 443 (Special Edition)

Dr. Barrett Caldwell joined The Space Show for this program. We spoke about his research and how he incorporates it in space education outreach with the Space Grant program he manages at Purdue University. Dr. Caldwell spoke about team performance and relating team work to space development. Team performance was also discussed in terms of long term space flight, gender differences, and age preferences. Dr. Caldwell then related his research findings and work to K-12 educational outreach.

Broadcast 120 (Special Edition)

The Suborbital Institute and its director, Pat Bahn, along with Neil Milburn of Armadillo Aerospace, discuss suborbital space flight, policy, the Armadillo suborbital program, the TGV Rockets suborbital program, commercial space ports, and much more. We also discuss the FAA AST, lobbying, and the congressional view of private sector space access in the aftermath of the Columbia accident.

Broadcast 95 (Special Edition)

Pat Bahn and Ed Wright are working with the newly formed Suborbital Institute to further legislation, regulation, insurance, liability, and other relevant issues to expedite the creation of this commercial space industry. This Space Show program talks in-depth about suborbital space flight, the prospects for this new industry, and the work being undertaken by the Suborbital Institute. In addition, Mr. Wright explains in detail the prospects for rocket racing, its current status, and it commercial potential.

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