Space Entrepreneurism

Broadcast 1391 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Burton Lee. Topics: European Commission Space Research Program (ECSRP) and European space consortia for American space companies. We welcomed back Dr. Burton Lee to discuss the European Commission Space Research Program for American space companies and the upcoming July 21, 2010 Stanford University Open Meeting for business and university researchers interested in applying for limited European Commission grant funds in areas such as cubesats, space transportation and propulsion systems, robotic exploration technologies, and NEOs.

Broadcast 1166 (Special Edition)

Guest: Bob Werb. Topics: space entrepreneurism, economics 101, space economic development. Bob Werb was our guest on The Space Show today for a frank discussion and at times, a very cool Economics 101 lecture on the economics of space development. Do not miss this show and Bob's last segment 5 minute economics course for space cadets. Some of the issues we talked about from an economic perspective included ITAR reform, space entrepreneurism, military, civil, and NewSpace. We also discussed space security in the context of Bob's Econ 101 lesson.

Broadcast 940 (Special Edition)

Guest: Open Lines. Our regularly scheduled guest for this program had a last minute emergency, so we converted the show to Open Lines. Our originally scheduled guest, Charles Chafer, will be rescheduled as soon as possible. We led off with an Open Lines listener phone call about chat windows and IM on the show. I described to the listener how to use instant messenger chat to communicate with the show and also stated that we do not provide an organized group chat window.

Broadcast 939 (Special Edition)

Guests: Karina Drees and Robert Jacobson were the guests for this program to discuss the upcoming Fourth Space Investment Summit (SIS), Wednesday, May 28, 2008 in Washington, DC, the day before ISDC 2008. To complete the separate registration for the SIS, visit and click on "Space Investment Summit" in the menu on the left hand side. Karina and Robert discussed the program, the speakers, and the networking opportunities that will take place at this all day meeting.

Broadcast 265 (Special Edition)

Adriano Autino, writer, space advocate, and Italian entrepreneur was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Autino updated us on space advocacy in Italy, including the impact of Space Ship One and the X-Prize across Italy. Mr. Autino shared with his ideas regarding space entrepreneurism, the large aerospace and aviation industry, and the small businesses that he believes are generally responsible for most of the progress made in industry. He used his own software company and experience as a model for his theory.

Broadcast 248 (Special Edition)

Guillermo Sohnlein was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Sohnlein discussed space entrepreneurism, defining the applicable categories that fit space entrepreneurism. However, he made the important point that in reality, entrepreneurism in space is no different than entrepreneurism anyplace else on Earth. The only difference is that the business venture or opportunity happens to take place in space rather than on Earth. He underscored the need to move to this understanding. Mr.


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