Space Access Society Conference

Broadcast 1135 (Special Edition)

Guests: Charles Pooley and Iain Finer. Topic 2009 Space Access Society Conference, rockets, suborbital and orbital flight, space tourism. This program consists of three separate reporting segments from Charles and Iain who were at Space Access in Phoenix, AZ . They kindly phoned in three reports to The Space Show. Charles and Iain talked about the speakers and comments, mostly from what caught their attention and interest, but also from an overall perspective of the conference this year.

Broadcast 202 (Special Edition)

Henry Vanderbilt returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss the upcoming Space Access Society Conference in Phoenix, Arizona and much more. In addition to talking about the conference, who will be attending, speaking, and the major topics, we discussed the need for affordable access, the suborbital industry, X-Prize, and why any of this should matter. In response to questions from listeners, Mr. Vanderbilt talked about companies outside the United States involved in the suborbital program as well as X-Prize.

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