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Guest:  Kim Holder;  Topics:  Revisions for Moonwards, investors, publishing, lunar simulation, Moon Town as an industry town, the business plan competition, space settlement, food for space settlements and more.

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We welcomed Kim Holder back to the show to reintroduce to us and to talk about the changes with Moonwards since her last Space Show visit. Kim also talked about being one of three finalist in the NSS Martine Rothblatt Business Plan Competition which will be held in early November at the NSS Space Settlement program in Los Angeles.  The Space Show will report on the settlement program and the competition winners.  We had multiple callers for today's program along with several listener driven emails.  As I have done with other recent programs, I am repeating the tags and key words as they do a good job of summarizing our discussion topics and for the most part in the order they were discussed.  I will focus this summary on additional topics and comments that added to our discussion.

Tags/Key Words:  "Kim Holder, Moonwards, NSS Space Settlement Conference, NSS Martine Rothblatt Business Plan Competition, reintroducing Moonwards, investor focus, publishing house focus, space settlement simulations, avatars, 3D environment, Moonwards as an industry town, AI, robotics, automated labor, multiple unknowns, cislunar development, roll playing games, Dr. Tom Matula on games for settlement, meta platform, virtual reality headsets, Mars Society video game, Mars City Design, Second Life, food for space settlements, the High Frontier Game, science fiction with technical background, Tough SF, Moonwards and massive collaboration, group contribution to overall vision, seeing the big picture, Kim's future role with Moonwards, game self-publishing, Moon versus Mars for simulation, lunar isolation, sky hooks, Makers, Moonwards makers."

Kim started with a re-introduction of Moonwards to our audience and talked about the need for her to focus on getting investors and working with a publishing house.  This led to a discussion about video simulation games being used as space settlement models.  Kim and our listeners talked about previous games, plans for new games, especially for Mars, the possible need for virtual reality headsets and other related issues.  In this part of the discussion, Kim stressed that Moonwards would be a industrial town - listen to her explanation when she was asked to clarify this later in the show.  She also stressed that most of the labor would be automated and there would be advanced AI and robotics.  She talked about the Moonwards 3D environment.

It was listener Todd and his email question that followed up on an earlier guest comment about Moon Town on Moonwards being an industry town.  Todd's question sought clarification. Kim explained the Moonwards version of an industry town.  What do you think?  Let us know by posting your comments on our blog for this program.  Fremont John called to talk about cislunar development and the use of computer simulation for advancing space settlement.  He mentioned the Dr. Tom Matula show from a few months ago regarding his idea of simulation games for space settlement.  Kim had much to say on this topic so listen up so you don't miss any of what she had to share with us.  As for simulations for settlement, I brought up the Mars Society Mars simulation game being developed.  Since Fremont John was still with us and he attended the Mars Conference this year, I asked him what he knew about the Mars simulation effort underway.  Kim talked about Moonwards being a sweet spot for simulation and she brought up meta platforms.  Dr. Doug then sent in a note asking for the difference in a metal project and Second Life.  Listen to how Kim responded to that question.  

Kim went on to share with us that most of the Moonwards labor would be robotic labor and that advanced AI and robotics would clearly be the name of the game, as well as working in a 3D environment.  This opened the phone lines for Marshall to call to again talk about the fact that those in the settlement would need access to food for those living in the settlement.  Marshall raised many questions about astronaut or space food and the supply of it.  While Marshall asks the question where the food will come from, as of yet there does not seem to be a proper answer to that question.

Rick, also from Fremont, called to comment on food plus he mentioned an older video game related to what we were talking about, The High Frontier Game.  Also mentioned was the analog design contest many on several earlier Space Show programs by Madhu of USC, the Mars City Design project.  Kim then introduced us to the concept of Moonwards being a massive collaboration effort with everyone working toward a group or overall vision.  She explained all of this quite well so be sure to listen get it.  A sort of one for all and all for one Moonwards concept. 

Sharon from Omaha sent in an interesting question.  She wanted to know what Kim's role would be with Moonwards once Moonwards was commercially operating and on its feet.  Don't miss what Kim said in response to Sharon.  No hints.  Just listen.  Comments are welcome.  Near the end of the discussion, Kim was asked if there would be a sort of Moon vs. Mars contest with simulating games.  Kim said the Moon was key but there could be simulations for various settlements.  She did repeat some commentary from the first part of the discussion saying that it was still too early to know all of these answers as there were lots of uncertainties ahead for Moonwards.  Before signing off we fielded more email commentary from both Fremont John and Dr. Doug.  Kim offered us a good summary and closing statement which you do not want to miss.

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Kim returns with Moonwards information and updates

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31 Oct 2021 Kim Holder
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