Broadcast 824 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

31 Oct 2007 Dr. Burton H. Lee
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Dr. Burton Lee returned to The Space Show to discuss the Space Angels Network. This is a virtual network of angel investors focused on seed and early stage investments for space related ventures. During the first part of this interview, Dr. Lee discussed space related investments and the market opportunities this approach permits over a more narrow definition of space only types of ventures. Make sure you hear this discussion, its important. Dr. Lee received many questions about investing in space ventures, the timing for space investments, and due diligence types of requirements for space investments. He made an extra effort to make sure the listeners and I understood the broader approach of the Space Angels Network which is to focus on space related investments, not just space investments. We also discussed who is an angel and how a company finds out about this group and their investment potential. Due to a listener question, Dr. Lee explained the difference between an angel investor and venture capital. This is another important discussion you should not miss. One listener asked him for advice for startups if they want to position themselves for potential angel investment. Dr. Lee was also asked if the silly or flakey deals really do "poison" the well so to speak for the serious ventures with serious financiers, Wall Streeters, and other professional funding sources. Listen to what he says about this issue. This is an action packed, comprehensive, and detailed discussion of not just the new Space Angels network, LLC, but also about space investment opportunities, approaches, markets, and more. This is a must listen to show. You can find out more about the Space Angels Network by visiting their website at You can send your comments to the email address Dr. Lee provides on air at the Space Angels Network or You can send your comments or questions to



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