Broadcast 368 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

31 Jul 2005 Declan O'Donnell
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Declan O'Donnell returned to The Space Show to discuss the latest on issues relating to space governance. This discussion opened up additional topics including the impact on space governance and the financial markets for the success of Space Ship One and Burt Rutan, the developing suborbital tourism industry and enabling legislation for this industry. Mr. O'Donnell also explained the impact of treaty law on US law as treaty law takes precedence per our constitution. As a result of questions by listeners, we had a most interesting discussion about global terrorism and its impact on space, banking and currency possibilities for space, the UN and its role in space development, and more. Mr. O'Donnell will be talking about many of these topics Sunday morning, August 14th at a meeting of the International Space Development Authority at the Mars Society Conference in Boulder, Colorado. Mr. O'Donnell also talked about informed consent agreements and the fact that while Congress and President Bush have authorized them in HR 5382 which was passed in late 2004, the Outer Space Treaty may render them easily voided. You will not want to miss this program as it covers areas and subjects in ways not address on The Space Show. In addition, the new issue of Space Governance is due out the week of August 1 and to get a copy, just call Declan's toll free number and leave your name and address. Mr. O'Donnell welcomes your comments and inquiries. The best way to reach him is by telephone at 1 800-632-2828. His website is



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