Broadcast 645 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

31 Dec 2006 Thomas A. Olson
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Tom Olson was the special end of the year guest to bring 2006 on The Space Show to its conclusion. We looked back at 2006 and did much looking forward to examine the space development potential for 2007 and beyond. Tom fielded many listener questions about the NewSpace company business methodologies, focusing on issues that seem to adversely impact the economic development of New Space. This included financing issues, excessive secrecy of many New Space companies, website and rhetoric claims, and more. Tom provided interesting insights into these issues and did a good job in showing how growth and economic development can be impacted by company and industry behavior or market barriers. Tom also brought us current with developments for a new and more influential Colony Fund. You can find out more about this by visiting He also announced his new space business consulting company, Exodus Consulting Group. Contact Tom for more information about Exodus. This was an action and information packed Space Show. Tom provided a superb conclusion to a good year for The Space Show. You can email Tom Olson with your comments and additional questions at You can also send your comments to me at and I will forward them to Tom.



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