Broadcast 614 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

30 Oct 2006 Dennis Wingo
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Dennis Wingo returned to the program to discuss the importance of space vision, politics, national security, and the politics of limitation and reduced technology. This program provides listeners with a thorough analysis of the importance of space in supporting the future of humanity. Its largely a big picture vision program though we did talk about specific projects and subjects. For example, Dennis explained why from his analysis, low cost access to LEO is not that important in furthering space commerce. He also explains why our focus on launch vehicles has been less than fruitful and instead, he recommends our focus should be on commercial businesses which could be carried out today and in the near future, both suborbital and orbital. He also talked about how we in the advocate community have not done well in promoting space to the public and to politicians and Dennis explains just how we could be doing it differently to get a much better and more desirable result. He says we are responsible for the problems in the space community and the lack of our vision being the prevalent vision in society rather than the vision of reduced limitations and blaming technology for our problems. One of the most important things Dennis suggested we can do is write our members of congress to support the Zero Gravity Zero Tax legislation and he said to include a $50 check in the envelope with the letter to tell the member of congress that this is simply a down payment on the support he/she will get for supporting this and other pro space legislation. He talked about the reality of influencing members of congress, thus the $50.00 starting contribution. Dennis will soon have the proposed legislation posted on his website so check it frequently. The URL is In addition, he wants to hear from listeners about their support of this legislation and other related matters. You can email him at or through me at Dennis Wingo on The Space Show had made a very important contribution to our space future with this program. Do not miss it. Thanks.



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