Broadcast 274 (Special Edition)

30 Oct 2004 Dr. Sam Dinkin
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Dr. Sam Dinkin, columnist for The Space Review, was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Dinkin spoke about the influence of the space policy vision on this election year, the likely future for the vision with either a Senator Kerry or President Bush win, and why it is important to see this policy/vision materialize. We also talked about the economics of launch and space access, the space elevator, converting the shuttle to a heavy lift vehicle, and returning to the Moon rather than going to Mars at this time. Dr. Dinkin was asked about the impact of the continued war on terror and the fighting in Iraq on future space policy, and he was asked to comment on appropriate fiscal and economic policy to jump start or help the entrepreneurial space industry. He spoke about the space elevator and its economics, especially in light of what may happen with the lowering of launch prices. Dr. Dinkin offered substantial insights on this industry, key players such as Sir Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic, Burt Rutan, and others. He also talked about his own business, SpaceShot, Inc., explaining where it is today and when it might be marketing to interested consumers. We had lots of opportunity to explore important topics with Dr. Dinkin from the perspective of an economist and as such, Dr. Dinkin's insights are important, interesting, and valuable. For sure, he will be returning to The Space Show.™



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