Broadcast 918 (Special Edition)

30 Mar 2008 Esther Dyson
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Guest: Esther Dyson was our guest for this Space Show program to discuss the upcoming Flight School 2008. This year's Flight School, "Where the Rubber Meets the Clouds," is going to be at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, CO from June 4-6, 2008. For more information, please visit or Esther's business website for EDventure Holdings, Please note that there was an audio telephone line issue and we apologize in advance for audio that is less than our usual high standard. However, you should still easily be able to listen to and profit from this program. Ms. Dyson went through the schedule for Flight School and the guests and topics. Listeners had many questions for her about the guests and topics, for example, Alexandra Hall of Airship Ventures, Eclipse Aviation, the Transportation Security Administration with Dave Gobel, and more. You can see the list of speakers on the Flight School website. Several listeners asked her aviation related questions, including questions about SST business jets, security for general aviation, and air taxi service. Several aviation topics transitioned nicely to the space subjects, to which fully one-third of Flight School is dedicated. As Esther explained it, one-third of Flight School addresses aviation, one-third addresses space, and the remaining one-third discusses both aviation and space. As you will hear when listening to this show, there was no shortage of questions for all three categories. As for Flight School, it's considered a high level networking and business conference. You will want to hear how Esther describes it in her own words as this is important in deciding your attendance at this important venue. I inquired if a CD or DVD of the program would be made available for those of us unable to come and Esther hopes so. If this happens, I will let Space Show listeners know about the availability. We also mentioned insurance exclusions for space and air travel. Listeners also asked Esther many questions about investing in NewSpace opportunities, due diligence, the length of time needed for a return, and more. Don't miss what Esther Dyson has to say about NewSpace and start-up space investing. I am sure you will find this a most informative program. For more information about Flight School or if you have questions or comments for Esther Dyson, please put Space Show in the subject line and send them to her at



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