Broadcast 972 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

30 Jun 2008 John Powell
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Guest : John Powell was with us for this Space Show program to discuss his new book published by Apogee, "Floating To Space: The Airship To Orbit Program." John discussed airships to space, from the basic airships to the more advanced airships that he is planning on building in the future. We discussed altitude, density, shockwaves, and much more. John also spent considerable time on the economics of this potential spaceflight system, so make sure you hear this part of the program. He talked about upcoming launches and more PongSat opportunities. Visit his website for more information about flying a PongSat mission, While visiting the JP Aerospace website, check out the pictures and information about their different company projects. If you have questions or comments for John Powell and their airship program, please email him at



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