Broadcast 3454 Deep Prasad

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30 Jan 2020 Deep Prasad
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Guest:  Deep Prasad:  Topics:  Quantum computing and technology plus Mr. Prasad's SETI efforts focused around the TIC TAC events and observations. 

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We welcomed Deep Prasad to the program which was to be a one segment 60 minute discussion though we went over time to 85 minutes in one segment.  The first part of our discussion focused on quantum computing and technologies which at times was a very technical discussion.  The second half of the program focused on the unique type of SETI our guest was working on based on the Tic Tac available data plus pilot and radar operator experience.  I started our program by asking our guest for a working definition of Quantum computing, computers, and technology.

Mr. Prasad led with a definition for the three major types of quantum computers, describing each, plus he talked about plusses and minuses for each type.  In addition, Mr. Prasad defined classical physics and quantum physics, explaining each to us, how they differed, crossover points and more.   This was an important part of our conversation as we built on it for the rest of our program so don't miss it.  Our guest then went over the three types of quantum computer systems with the pros and cons of each.  He talked about super cooling and quantum sensors. In terms of cooling, he described the first type based on super conductivity in British Columbia and he physically described it, especially the cooling capability and hardware, the incredible clean room for its location, how it was operated plus he said that it was colder by a factor of 1,000 than the coldest part of outer space.  Once again, this is an important discussion you don't want to miss.

Photonic quantum computing was explained as he works on that project. Deep described the benefits of this type of system if it could be made to work.  For example, it does not use a cooling system.  Deep then discussed quantum supremacy.  Deep mentioned that Google recently proved supremacy. Our guest compared quantum supremacy with quantum advantage, explaining both terms to us.  He offered us an excellent definition of both. 

As we continued talking about quantum computing, hardware, technology, I also asked about funding, costs, operating costs, energy usage (a listener email for that one) and more.  When you hear our guest talk about the hourly costs for quantum computing, you might be very surprised.  After listening to this quantum discussion and hearing about the space applications, Deep was asked about a timeline for industrial operation.  He said ten years but maybe, if things worked out in the best way possible, it could be six years.  Our guest then proceeded to introduce us to the subject of quantum sensors and quantum operational costs.  Before moving to the next big program topic, Roger in Denver asked our guest if quantum computing could help make possible time travel.  Listen to what our guest said in response to this questions.  I bet the answer surprises you.  Before moving to SETI, I questioned our guest on his reference to New Physics and the reality of their even being new physics.  I mentioned that this was typically fringe stuff.  Don't miss his commentary on the plausibility of new physics.

As mentioned earlier, Deep is interested in and has been working on his own kind of SETI project.  As he began explaining his SETI project to us, we learned it was based on the Tic Tac events we have been covering for a few years and the Navy encounters with the Tic Tac "objects" off the west coast with similar experiences with maybe different craft off the Atlantic referred to as Gimble.  Deep mentioned that several of those involved with his SETI project were Tic Tac Navy pilots to radar operators on the Princeton. We talked about the pilots, the people involved, disinformation, credibility and other related topics.  We talked about the nature of the objects, national security issues, commercial pilot sightings and what talking about it may mean for a commercial pilot. 

The SETI project designed by our guest is to take a team to Catalina Island 22 miles off the California coast around Los Angeles.  He said Catalina was a reported hotbed of sightings for Tic Tac. His team of former pilots and radar operators, all with Tic Tac experience, will go to there for about ten days to look for them, study them and report on them.  He explained the project in more detail than I am doing, plus he talked about sources of funding for the project and project objectives.  This led us to quite the discussion about what Tic Tac may or may not be, ET life, and more.  We then took a call from Ft. Worth John.  He brought up the TTSA and the people behind TTSA as he has done many times on TSS.  Listen to what our guest said about a the objects, their characteristics, the  multi-verse,  misconceptions and more.  We even got into a detailed conversation about the Schrodinger's cat experiment in quantum technology terms. I also for fun worked in a Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon taught Penny about Schrodinger's Cat.  It was actually a very funny episode so catch it on reruns if you can.   Be sure to listen to what our guest said about Schrodinger's Cat because it may not be what you think as the quantum view of the experiment is quite different from what we learned via classical physics.

Deep provided us with concluding comments, both regarding the quantum world but also regarding Tic Tac and possible ET existence.  He also talked about the need for quality global scientific support of any Tic Tac announcements and the danger of fake news which he said was easy to produce and manipulate.

Please post your comments/questions for Deep Prasad on our blog.  You can reach him through me or his company mentioned earlier in this summary.




Quantum computing and his Silicon Valley SETI organization

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