Broadcast 1098 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Dr. David Livingston with Open Lines. Topics: Civil space, NASA, Big Bang, favorite Space Show programs, student programs, affordable space access, Obama space policy. All topics were welcome on this Open Lines Space Show program. We had a mix of callers and email/chat questions on a variety of topics including how to establish civil space, space tourism, affordable space access, Obama's probable space policy, and the challenge of landing large payloads on Mars. We also had a call about the coming film based on the play "Rocket Girl" from George Morgan (see the 12/14/08 episode of The Space Show) regarding his Mom, Mary Sherman. Launch regulations were discussed, planning a course of college level space studies was addressed, and several listeners as well as myself commented on the possible directions President Obama's space policy might go once it's announced. This Open Lines program included requests for guest and program feedback/suggestions from you the listener for future Space Shows. I also mentioned that Open Lines for February would focus on a succinct, to the point five minute presentation to a member of Congress regarding support for space or space development. Listeners will have the opportunity to perfect their "pitch" and call it into the next Open Lines show and I will be the Member of Congress or the staffer as will other listeners. The goal is to help everyone perfect a message to their elected representative to help create the type of space program people want. If you have comments or questions about this program, please send them to me at



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30 Jan 2009 Dr. David Livingston
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