Broadcast 663 (Special Edition)

30 Jan 2007 Ann L. Singer
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Ann L.Singer was the guest for this special Space Show program. Ms. Singer is a professional grant writer working with The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation for educational program funding for The Space Show and other soon to be announced projects. Ann started the discussion with an introduction of how she become a grant writer from her corporate finance and banking background. Ann was then asked about her space knowledge prior to hearing about The Space Show and we discussed how she evolved to coming to understand the value and importance of space in our lives from her interaction with The Space Show and me. Listeners asked many questions and two callers focused on the space story, that is, what it was that turned her around into being a supporter of space development and made it possible for her to see something in space that she had not seen before. You will certainly want to hear how Ann describes this process. We also talked about the importance of telling the right space story, of connecting it with people and their lives. Again as with so many Space Show programs, we talked about the OECD reports and their amazingly insightful way of viewing space and its benefits for us right here on Earth now. Ann was asked about the message she would give to young adults, even grade school children as well as teens up to about 30. Don't miss her comments on this as she nails the importance of space for us all but in particular, the younger among us. Ann talked about the impact Frank White's book, "The Overview Effect" had on her as I gave her a copy early in our professional relationship. Again, you will want to hear what she has about its meaning to her once she learned about it. Questions came up about the space knowledge of most foundations. Ann pointed out that it was usually weak but when space was part of a broader context, it fits within the guidelines of many foundations and their programming support. This Space Show program is different from others because we have gone outside the space world to talk about financially supporting space programming. You will hear an outsider to the space community talk about space, what it used to mean to her and what it now means to her. You can send your comments or questions to Ann at or as always through me at IMPORTANT UPDATE AS OF JULY 2008: Ms. Singer is no longer associated with or permitted to represent or do any work on behalf of The Space Show or One Giant Leap Foundation, Inc. (OGLF). OGLF and The Space Show will not provide a recommendation or a reference for her. We regret having to make this announcement.



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