Broadcast 437 (Special Edition)

30 Dec 2005 Dr. Lawrence Krauss
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Professor Lawrence Krauss was the guest for this special final Space Show program for 2005. The interview began with Professor Krauss discussing the reality of the science behind Star Trek and space travel. You will want to hear this discussion so don't miss it. The conversation moved on to discussing manned space missions, their science versus adventure value, costs, and more. Zero point energy was discussed as was fusion energy and HE3, as well as gravity. We then turned our attention to science education, intelligent design and science questions, and his new book, "Hiding In The Mirror: The Mysterious Allure of Extra Dimensions, From Plato to String Theory and Beyond." In talking about his new book, Professor Krauss told us about history, culture, art, and linked Plato, Van Gough and others to modern day science. Having read Hiding In The Mirror, I know firsthand that it is a great read and I urge Space Show listeners to read it for themselves. And you will know why when you listen to this discussion and interview with Professor Krauss. Professor Krauss has a website which is From his CV on his website, you can e-mail him at



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