Broadcast 763 (Special Edition)

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This Golden Oldie Space Show programs features Leonard David from October 2001 and Dennis Wingo from November 2001. When you hear what they said back then, go back in time with them as they were both on just after 9/11. Do a comparison with then and now. How have things changed, where has the progress been, where are we stagnating based on these two interviews. Your feedback is always welcome. Remember, these older programs were one hour shows on the old Phoenix station and each show had commercial breaks at 15 minute intervals. You will hear lots of editing to make these shows work for the new timing required by The Space Show and our satellite service. However, no text of any discussion has been edited out. You will hear all the content other than the commercials and the old BWB music. With the last interview with Dennis Wingo, there were telephone technical issues with the Phoenix station which you will hear from time to time during the show and in the last minute of the program. Again, no substantive audio has been lost. To meet the two hour requirement for satellite for this show, I have inserted several Earth and Sky cuts at the end of the program. I hope you enjoy them. If you have a question or comment for either guest or me, send it to me at and I will be happy to forward it to Leonard or Dennis. While they know I am playing these old interviews, I doubt they recall what they said. Sit back, enjoy this classic programming from two outstanding space professionals.



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30 Aug 2007 Dennis Wingo, Leonard David
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