Broadcast 254 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

30 Aug 2004 Jeff Krukin
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Jeff Krukin was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Krukin began the interview by explaining his Human Space Connection program. This program consists of three major components addressing the environment, the extension of the global economy all of us are now experiencing, and the fact that space contains abundant resources. Mr. Krukin answers questions and provides excellent supporting information for these three components and his Human-Space Connection program. In addition to this discussion, he was asked questions about his work with congress based on his March Storm - Pro Space experience. Here he discussed his first hand experiences in talking with members of congress and their interest in the space program. He was also asked many questions about space advocacy, the leading advocate organizations, and how his views either contradict or support the space advocacy organizations. One listener even asked him if these organizations viewed him as a sort of heretic given he does not sell space and and why we should be in space the way the various advocate organizations sell space. This question led to a very interesting discussion on the subject with Mr. Krukin explaining how what he does supplements the advocate world and why he should not be viewed as a heretic. Mr. Krukin did discuss how best to market or sell the essential need to be in space to the general public. This discussion was lively, both with listener feedback and experiences I provided that supported Mr. Krukin's perspective and methodology for talking about and marketing space to the general public. When he got the usual question of how one justifies spending money on space when we have hunger, war, disease, etc. here on Earth that should be addressed first, he did a superb job of answering it for the caller and everyone who believes that space takes funds away from other essential programs. I urge Space Show listeners to listen to the full program with Jeff Krukin, not just to hear how he answered the question just mentioned, but for all of his ideas and insights.



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