Broadcast 332 (Special Edition)

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The first ever Space Show program before a live audience was recorded at the Space Access Conference in Phoenix, Arizona the evening of April 30, 2005. Many familiar Space Show guests took to the microphone to discuss not only what they were hearing at the conference but how best to move forward to a full space-faring economy. In addition, new Space Show participants joined the broadcast to provide us with their perspective and solutions. Many of these new Space Show participants will be guests on the Space Show later this year. This is an interesting program with new and different perspectives on suborbital, orbital, launch, and commercial space opportunities. As a result of the overwhelming success of this first ever Space Show before a live audience, more such programs are sure to follow. For those of you that may have questions for a specific guest on this program, please email your question to me at and identify the guest you are wanting to ask the question to (all guests identify themselves on the program) and I will do my best to get a response for you. A special thanks to Henry Vanderbilt and his Space Access Society crew for supporting this live show. Space Access is one of the finest space conferences going and we have Henry to thank for it. My special thanks to Henry for helping me to make this special program possible.


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30 Apr 2005
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