Broadcast 601 (Special Edition)

29 Sep 2006 Shubber Ali
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Shubber Ali was the guest on this special program and we thank Shubber for being with us live at the unheard of time of 2:30-4:30AM in Sydney, Australia! During the first part of this program, Shubber talked about space tragic and why he does not like the term "space industry." We then looked at recent developments in the space world since his last appearance on the show and asked for his analysis. This included CEV, COTS, Lockheed, Kistler, Atlas 5, Bigelow, space tourism and Ms. Ansari on the space station, the VSE and more. One additional topic discussed with Peter from Austin, TX was the proposed launch rate of the man rated Atlas 5 for Bigelow, launching from the Cape, and the overall consequences of such a high launch rate. Shubber took us through his analysis, one by one to let us see different perceptions and gain different understandings from the routine and the traditional. Listeners questioned him about his analysis and you will find his responses to be interesting and revealing. In the last 30 minutes of the show, Shubber made several important announcements. First, he told us of the shutting down of his company, AstroVision. Its important that you hear his statement. He then talked about several new businesses that he has started, some of which will have application for people all over the world, not just in Australia. If you want to ask Shubber questions or provide comments to him on what he said in this program, his email address is or as always, you can send your notes to me at and I will forward them to Shubber Ali for you.



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