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Welcome to our two segment 2 hour 18 minute Open Lines discussion.  I opened the program with announcements about the coming week's Space Show schedule, then I put forward a list of about 18 suggested news stories and topics that we could discuss for today's program.  Many were discussed plus listeners brought up their own topics.  For example, Marshall was our first caller and he asked about Planet X (listeners sent in emails saying he was referring to Planet 9) and the work of  Dr. Mike Brown of Cal Tech .  Several listeners commented on what Marshall had to say via the blog and email.  Marshall then commented on the story about finding the large lunar cave and lava tube and how that might one day be explored.

Our next caller was Dr. Doug from Southern California.  He said that he hoped we were not sidetracked by the lava tube discussion as he thought the initial lunar missions would be to the polar sites for water ice, fuel,, etc.  He thought the lava tube discussion might ultimately delay and dilute our focus on what he sees needs to be done, especially for the initial lunar visits.  I then asked Doug if he wanted to go to the Moon.  Don't miss what he said about his visiting and being a space or a lunar tourist.  Doug then brought up the recent program with Dr. Schwartz from this past Friday and the libertarian comments from that show.  I suggest you listen to the program with Dr. Schwartz to fully grasp the context of our libertarian discussion but Doug does a very good job of offering us clarification on the libertarian part of the discussion.  What followed was a several minute discussion on Libertarian philosophy though neither Doug nor I are Libertarians.  I asked for someone who was Libertarian to call in and clarify for us but nobody did that.  We talked about life support issues and space governance in this discussion.  Doug's final comments dealt with the Scott Kelly video of him getting off the ISS after nearly being there a year.  You can see the video in question here:  Note Doug's comments as you watch the video in question.  Make sure you read the full article as it had lots of new information in it on the genetic and gene front. 

To start the second segment, we took a call from Laurent in Montreal.  The first part of his call dealt with the recent program with Dr. Schwartz as the guest.  Laurent was interested in how national security space fit into what Dr. Schwartz talked about.  We had a national security discussion, I expressed my perspective on this issue and Laurent had some similar thoughts.  Don't miss this discussion and let us know your thoughts by posting them on the blog for this show.  Our caller then brought up the frontier myth for space development which was the main theme of the show with Dr. Schwartz.  I asked Laurent about his grandson and his wanting him to become an astronaut with SpaceX but that he was finding some not being very supportive of that type of goal.  I suggested he see the film clip of the young kid in the UK asking UK astronaut Tim Peake how he was able to follow his dream.  You can see the story and video here:

Ft. Worth John was our next caller.  John brought up the ESA ION thruster story, specific impulse of 20,000 seconds, Xenon and the development and operational timeline.  He offered suggestions for how it might be used but said it might be difficult to use it as a new and untested technology over a proven technology.  John then commented on the Scott Kelly video we referenced above.   He thought if we those going to Mars could go at 38% gravity, they would probably be OK getting off the craft at Mars.  He also mentioned the wobble challenge with tethers and such.   We further talked about the genetics mentioned in the article.  John suggested high speed computer simulation might be a useful and economic way to test some of these things on Earth.  Finally, John commented on the space military issue.  Don't miss his comments.

Before I took the next call, I asked listeners if anyone was watching the new TV show Orville the Fox TV network.  I did not hear from anyone but if you are watching it, let us know if you like it with a blog post.  I am enjoying it.  It certainly spoofs many of the original Star Trek episodes and I think they do it with much success.

Our next caller was Kim form Mexico.  Kim brought to our attention the lead story on Parabolic Arc about Sir Richard Branson and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia building a new spaceport and entertainment center in Saudi Arabia.  I urge all of you to check out the story and the photo of the spaceport:  If carried through to fruition, this will be a giant space entertainment center in the Kingdom, the region, and probably on the planet.  We thanked Kim for bringing this to our attention.  Kim also mentioned Starlink and the recent Musk congressional testimony, plus all the plans by the different companies to put thousands of satellites in LEO.  We talked about that, the possible congestion of LEO and more related topics.  Again, your thoughts are welcome so please post them on the blog. 

The last topic was one I brought up based on a comment I made on the Dr. Benaroya program a week earlier regarding the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot.  Jim posted a comment on the blog about these mystery spots, explaining they were built in a way to create illusions.  I added some commentary to what Jim said plus additional links explaining these spots.  I then wanted to know if we took the specs and built one someplace else and opened shop for tourism, would we have a mystery spot or was there more to it than the tilt and way the structures were built.  I also wondered what it would be like taking my dog inside one of these spots.  For example, how would a dog's perception deal with the illusions we see in these structures.  If anyone can answer my questions, please do so, preferably on the blog.  In any event, they are fun to visit so if one is near you, go see it.  Let us know about your experience.

Please post your comments and questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach any of our callers through me.




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29 Oct 2017 Dr. David Livingston
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