Broadcast 613 (Special Edition)

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Brent Sherwood was the guest for this special two hour Space Show program. Mr. Sherwood is a space architect with JPL who has an interest in figuring out what we will do when we return to the Moon, what we can and what we should do on the Moon, he knows about closed loop systems which we will need for lunar and all space settlement and transportation, and he has intriguing theories about the way nations choose their public space programs. We discussed all of these areas with Mr. Sherwood and much more. This program is a must listen to program for the tough and challenging issues tackled by our guest. We learned about vision drivers for example, we learned about enabling ideas and technologies, and we discussed in some detail the lack of communication about space from NASA to the public. If there ever was a Space Show program to take notes on, this one is it! You can send your comments or additional questions to Brent Sherwood through me at



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29 Oct 2006 Brent Sherwood
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