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Lon Levin was the guest for this two hour Space Show program which first aired Wednesday, November 28, 2007. Writing a short synopsis of this program is a challenge due to the variety of interesting and important topics mentioned by Lon and listeners. Among the topics we discussed included space investment and the investing process, management, emotions, confidence, being turned down and rejected, listening skills, getting feedback, dreams and realities versus fantasy, business plans, the idea, and execution. If you have ever thought about starting your own business or wondered what it takes to start your own business, you should not miss this program. We talked about markets, market research and real time market information on an ongoing basis including focus groups and other market analysis tools. We also looked at the making of XM Radio and here we addressed it from its inception with Lon through the current period although Lon is no longer associated with the company and thus is limited in what he can say about it. We also discussed satellite technology, the launch side of business, what it was like when he was contacting the launch providers and satellite companies for the first time, and how he managed to get financial support to keep XM going until they could start operating. With listener questions and the discussion provided by Lon, we spoke about the regulatory environment and the FCC. This is an essential discussion that you do not want to miss. We also mentioned his involvement in t/Space and COTS. In our discussion of COTS, Lon addressed raising capital, Kistler, t/Space plans to the degree that they can be made public at this time, and the overall strengths of the COTS program. When you listen to him, you will have a sense of how he positions what he is doing to raise the capital and to use the facts, whatever they may be, as an asset in his positioning and presentation. We also talked about the future, the importance of COTS to space development, the Moon, Mars, and how he feels that in ten years or so, LEO will be privatized and commercialized. You can hear it all in this comprehensive, information packed program. We also talked about new business ventures and technologies using satellite communications and his role in his new project, Slacker. Visit for more information on this company and what it will provide for us all. Lon Levin will answer your email questions and respond to your comments. Please forward them to him through me at



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29 Nov 2007 Lon Levin
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