Broadcast 420 (Special Edition)

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Dr. Phil Chapman returned to The Space Show for this program. Dr. Chapman's interview started off with some tough questions about engineering and design of the t/Space CVX vehicle and program, plus the usefulness of finishing the ISS or doing anything useful with it. Multiple technical questions were asked and Dr. Chapman handled them all in very good fashion. You will find his responses and the information provided important and I urge you to listen to what he has to say. We also talked about issues pertaining to so little progress having been made in human spaceflight for the past 30 years, issues surrounding the Vision for Space Exploration and what might be needed in US laws to facilitate it, including changes in ITAR, property rights regimes, and more. Dr. Chapman puts forth some good ideas on how to come up with workable solutions to these problems and not always through laws or regulations. Phil was asked about the effectiveness of space advocacy groups in shaping US space policy and he not only addressed this question historically but brought us up to date with advocacy groups and the VSE. Phil spoke about NASA and how it is responding to the need to develop a good plan for the VSE and also how NASA responds to and works with the private sector. Dr. Chapman also spoke about the private sector, both in terms of companies that t/Space works with and the fact that there is competition in this arena and the competition is a good thing. Listeners can contact Dr. Phil Chapman with questions or comments by sending your notes through me at



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29 Nov 2005 Dr. Philip Chapman
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