Broadcast 990 (Special Edition)

29 Jul 2008 Darel Preble
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Guest: Darel Preble was the guest for this Space Show television segment filmed on June 11, 2008 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. As Chair of the Space Solar Power Workshop at Georgia Tech, (See for more details), Darel explained Space Solar Power (SSP), its technology and history .He also discussed current developments in the SSP industry which seems to have much energy associated with it today compared to years ago. Darel worked in a discussion about our energy crisis, suggesting that its been predicted that we will see gasoline prices between $12 and $15 a gallon in a few years . Darel also talks about the need to move towards the electrification of our transportation system and how "green" space solar is in comparison to other fuels. His discussion addressed the fact that while SSP was proposed in the late 1960s/early 1970s, it has yet to be developed. According to Darel and his work, the key reason why SSP has not been developed has been the high cost of space access, that is the launch cost. Listen to the show and see if you agree with what Darel says. Darel also tells us about the other difficulties that space solar power must overcome, including the fact that it will take several years to develop even a small test or pilot system. In addition, we discussed the international interest in SSP and why GEO is preferred to LEO. In addition, I asked Darel several times to close the business case for SSP right now in 2008. You do not want to miss this discussion! Please visit the Space Solar Power Workshop website above and if you have any comments or questions for Darel Preble, please contact him per the website information or send them to



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