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We welcomed back Frank White, father of The Overview Effect (TOE) concept and for the first time Steve Rotfeld of Steve Rotfeld Productions (  Steve was with us for the first hour of our 1 hour 35 minute program.  During the first hour, Frank explained The Overview Effect and introduced us to Steve, an Emmy Award winning writer.  Steve told us about his series which airs on the Fox channel on Saturday morning, Xploration Outer Space, because the Jan. 30, 2016 segment deals with why we explore in general and specifically outer space, plus it covers The Overview Effect. If you have the Fox channel in your market, be sure to watch this program.  Steve told us about Xploration Outer Space which targets students and teens from 13-16 years of age.  Both Frank and Steve described the program, some of the guests appearing in the film, and how they attempted to convey The Overview Effect to people watching the film rather than going to space and looking back at Earth from orbit.  Our guests were asked questions about the use of virtual reality in helping to depict The Overview Effect, plus they mentioned other efforts around the globe that attempt to do this or something similar.  Once much item mentioned was in the Netherlands with the Earth Theater.  Both Frank and Steve referenced comments made by astronauts regarding seeing Earth from space in support of The Overview Effect. 

Regrading virtual reality, Jack sent in a note suggesting it would be reinforcing to be able to watch the VR film whenever one wanted.  Frank suggested that The Overview Effect was long lasting and mentioned several astronauts having said that the effect will be with them forever.  We then took a phone call from Kim in Mexico who talked about meditation and TOE.  Kim posted a comment about this with a website address on the comments section for this show on our website. 

Before the segment ended and Steve had to leave us, exploration came up and our guests talked about the possibility that about 20% of us have an exploration gene.  Frank mentioned hearing this from several people in the space community but also seeing it mentioned on a documentary television show.  He said the gene talked about was DRD4-7R.

In the second shorter segment, I asked Frank what changes he had seen in the way TOE has evolved since he first wrote about it in the 1980s.  Frank had much to say about this so don't miss this discussion.  We got an email from Ben in New York who questioned the effectiveness of the message of TOE given all the crime, violence and negativity going on all over Earth today.  Frank addressed this head on with some specific comments.  Again, do not miss this important discussion.

I asked Frank about teaching Over Effect classes and thinking strategies at different school levels through college.  Frank said he had designed an Overview Effect course and may be starting it at a nearby college.  I spoke to him about doing it as a Space Show Classroom series course which both Frank and I are now considering.  Before the program ended, Frank spoke about The Overview Effect Institute,

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29 Jan 2016 Frank White, Steve Roitfeld
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