Broadcast 881 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

29 Jan 2008 Chuck Lauer, John Spencer
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Guest: This is a Golden Oldie Program featuring John Spencer of the Space Tourism Society from August 15, 2001, immediately followed by Chuck Lauer from Pioneer Rocketplane (the predecessor to what is now known as Rocketplane Global) and the Oklahoma Spaceport from Christmas, Dec. 25, 2001. Compare and contrast both of these programs with the very recent appearances of each guest on The Space Show. Their most recent appearances were on Dec 30 2007 (John Spencer) and on October 28, 2007 (Chuck Lauer). Please note the special introduction I recorded for this Golden Oldie replay as I explain the promos and Phoenix station ads that you will hear. This is important as The Space Show no longer is affiliated with nor do we support or promote the Phoenix station, but I wanted you to hear the shows in their original format. If you have questions or comments about the topics of either program or would like to email either guest, please send email me at and I will forward your note to either John or Chuck. Keep in mind, these shows were recorded more than seven years ago and I am not sure that either John or Chuck will remember what they said. If you do have a question for either of them, I suggest writing down the quote or comment from the guest and the context in which it was said as that will assist them in responding to you.



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