Broadcast 644 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

29 Dec 2006 Mr. Jeff Greason
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Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR Aerospace returned for this special Space Show program. Jeff began the interview with an update on XCOR activities progress over the past year and recent times. XCOR has sustained superb growth and has a mix of products its developing for private customers and NASA. From Rocket Racing League rockets to the suborbital space tourism vehicle, the Xerus Multi-function vehicle, along with rocket engines and fuel piston pumps, XCOR is a leading NewSpace company. Now engaged in several business relationships with NASA and ATK, XCOR has moved forward in 2006 and you will want to hear what Jeff says about the company. We spent considerable time with Jeff talking about the regulatory environment and the final rules recently published by AST. We explored how a regulatory environment impacts business, investment, space flight participants, and company actions. Jeff went into some detail about the process of giving AST input as to what regulations should be issued to facilitate business development, not retard it, while still accomplishing the purpose of the regulation. This is a very interesting and comprehensive discussion. We also talked in detail about composite LOX tanks given the XCOR nonburnite technolgy and questions from listeners. The launch license process with AST was discussed, ITAR was a topic of discussion, as was the informed consent concept and forms the industry will be required to use. Jeff Greason provided us with a good and comprehensive look at many aspects of the suborbital tourism and rocket industry from the point of view of company management. In addition, it was clear to see that while Jeff represents company management, he is totally plugged into the consumers and the regulatory side of things as well. For more information, please visit the XCOR website at If you have questions or comments for Jeff Greason, please send them to me at and I will forward them to Jeff. As Jeff said, he is overwhelmed with email and his work load so please be patient if you are expecting a reply email.



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