Broadcast 2768 Keri Kukral

29 Aug 2016 Keri Kukral
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We welcomed back Keri Kukral of and the Raw Science Film Festival for update and information about the upcoming Dec. 10, 2016 film festival and awards.  During the first segment of our 1 hour 29 minute program, Keri started at the beginning and told us how and why she created the internet channel and the Raw Science Film Festival to popularize science without actually doing it.  She talked about submitting films, she went over some of the film festival rules, submission categories, plus the logistics for attending the film festival in Los Angeles on Dec. 10.  All of this information can be found on the Raw Science website,  Visit the site as Keri directs and navigates during her interview. 

Keri was asked several questions about the popularity of space themed films, plus changes she has noticed from her first film festival until now.  I also asked Keri about spinning, spotting and artificial gravity per recent discussions on The Space Show.  We talked about Gravitron rides, using a centrifuge, applying the spotting technique used by dancers, figure skaters and others that use turns & spins (martial artists for example), for possible mitigation strategies regarding long duration spaceflight.  Don't miss what Keri had to say about this. We also talked about other characteristics of dance that might be useful for astronauts including mental focus and prep, plus what it might be like to do a low gravity ballet dance. 

Marshal was our caller on a variety of topics.  In addition, he asked about dancers spinning and the center of gravity running through the body rather than being away from or outside the body.  Don't miss what Keri said in response to Marshal's question.  Marshal then confessed that he writes space sci fi stories but cannot make a film.  He wanted to know if there was some sort of matching service for writers with film makers.  Keri said yes and pointed him in some directions to follow up on per his interest.  If this interest you, be sure to take note of the resources Keri mentioned on air.

In the second segment, Keri mentioned that in 2018 the Raw Science Film Festival will be qualified to compete in the Academy Awards for 2019.  She had much to say about this so don't miss her comments.  In addition, she added new categories for film submission during our discussion.  Two such new categories included the Amateur category and the Youth category.  Listen for details.  Listeners also had questions about film student submissions.  Later in the segment, we talked about volunteers and learned they one can volunteer from a remote location.  If this interests you, contact Keri at the address she provided during the show. 

Also in this segment, listeners asked about different types of possible films that they could make and submit.  We talked about cubesat documentaries, films about the DIY segment of the industry and 3D printing.  I asked her about any films featuring space settlement with pets.  Don't miss what she had to say about this.  Before the program ended, she referenced some films from previous festivals that we hope to be able to see on in the near future.   Keri also noted that the event this year would be live streamed so pay attention to website announcements for details.

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