Broadcast 1007 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Richard Garriott and Starr Long were the guests for this very special Space Show program. Mr. Garriott was with us from Star City, Russia where he is currently training for his Soyuz launch to the ISS on Oct. 12, 2008. Starr Long joined us from Seattle, Washington. During this program, Mr. Garriott explained why he wanted to go to space and the ISS, his experiments that he will be performing, and his interactive participant program for those of us here, Operation Immortality (please visit www.operationimmortality for more information). As you will learn from listening to this discussion and visiting the website, you can send your DNA and a message up to the ISS with Richard and it will remain there. You do not want to miss this discussion or the instructions on how you can participate. Briefly, you download the game Tabula Rasa and this opens up the opportunities for you to participate with Mr. Garriott as he goes to space. This process is thoroughly discussed and explained by both Richard and Starr, but should you have questions, please use the contact page on the Operation Immortality website ( Listeners asked Richard many questions about his training, space expectations versus the reality he is encountering during training, wearing a spacesuit, and his space family. Richard also spoke with us about the balance between inner space and outer space. We also talked about his being the first astronaut of the second generation of astronauts to go to space. Don't miss what Richard had to say about this. Richard Garriott also maintains a special website for his space trip, , so check it out. Near the end of the program, one line of listener questioning took us into recent current events in Russia and how events in Georgia might have spilled over to the space community in Star City. Listen to what Richard had to say about this and differing perspectives. If you have questions or comments for Richard Garriott or Star Long, please contact them through their website or you can send them to me at and I will forward your note to them.



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29 Aug 2008 Richard Garriott, Starr Long
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