Broadcast 3597 Hotel Mars Dr. Harold Connolly

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Guests: John Batchelor, Dr. Harold Connolly, Dr. David Livingston.  Topics:  OSIRIS-REx sample return from asteroid Bennu.

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John Batchelor and I welcomed back Dr. Harold Connolly to discuss the recent sample return taken from the surface of asteroid Bennu on the OSIRIS-REx mission.  The sample should get back to Earth in the 2023 time range.  During our one segment Hotel Mars program, Dr. Connolly, a member of the OSIRIS-REx science team, talked about the sample taken from the surface, what they hoped to find, their surprises and some problems they had to overcome given the sample collection.  Our guest was asked about the dust that was kicked up by the TAGSAM tool used to collect the sample.  In addition, our guest was asked how the tool collected material up to 19 inches deep given it was a scraping tool, not a drilling tool.  Additional topics came up which included the possible makeup of the Bennu core plus taking a second sample and why that would not happen.

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Hotel Mars on Bennu, sample return, Osiris REx

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28 Oct 2020 John Batchelor, Dr. David Livingston, Dr. Harold C. Connolly Jr.
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