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Guests: Pablo De Leon, Irene Schneider. Topics: UND Space Studies programs, Lunar analog base project, space radiation, NDX 2 prototype planetary space suit. This interviewed was taped on Wednesday, Oct. 27th in the lounge of the Hilton Garden Inn which is connected to the UND Space Studies Department. This interview was the only interview I did while at UND this week as the planned walking tour program of the Space Studies Observatory was cancelled due to heavy rains and wind. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and rate this program on the new Space Show blog, In addition, you can follow the work and projects of Irene Schneider at and You can check out Pablo De Leon's UND Space Suit Laboratory at Our discussion started out with Pablo giving us updates on what he has been doing and changes within the Space Studies Department since he last appeared on The Space Show. Pablo also attended the recent IAF in Prague and he told us about the event, some of the meetings, topics, and shared his impressions of this important conference with us. We then focused on some of his newer projects including the NDX-2 rear entry planetary space suit that he and his team are working on as part of the lunar analog base project his team is doing in conjunction with NASA and others. Irene Schneider was at UND Space Studies this week as Irene is the radiation consultant for the team on this important project. Pablo then introduced us to Irene who has also been a guest on The Space Show several times and she talked about her work in the lunar analog base project as well as radiation issues. Irene was at the Personal Space Flight Symposium in Las Cruces and she gave us a first hand report on the symposium which as you will hear, was an excellent program. Irene introduced us to her new space consulting business, IHRENES ENTERPRISES LLC, focusing on space radiation and mission tailored analysis. Please visit her business website as the URL can be found above in this summary. Toward the end of our 45 minute discussion, I asked both Pablo and Irene to comment on the reasons why there is what I call a "reality gap" with some in the aerospace engineering fields with regard to human factors, specifically radiation issues for long duration space flight, bone loss and muscle atrophy problems, and psychological issues. This question came up because of some of the student discussions I had while at the Space Studies department this week as well as feedback I always get from listeners to this program. I think you will find what each of our guests had to say on this matter to be extremely interesting. If you have a comment or question about this discussion or for either of guests, be sure to post it on the blog URL above. Both Irene and Pablo can be reached through their respective website addresses above. You can also forward email to each guest through me at The preferred method is to post on the blog and when I receive the blog notification, I will forward it to both our guests so they will be sure to see your comment or question.



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28 Oct 2010 Pablo DeLeon, Irene Schneider
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