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Guest:  Ryan Reynolds;  Topics:  Ryan discussed ways to engage more of the public in space, garner more public support for space and told why space settlement was so important to him and should be to the rest of us.  Ryan put forth some very creative space engagement ideas for the public that got lots of discussion on the show.

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We welcomed Ryan Reynolds to the show from his initial call to an Open Lines program.  Our 1 hour 40 minute discussion covered many ways to engage the public in space, to increase space awareness and to help explain why space settlement was so important for all of us.  Ryan received lots of email questions and multiple listener phone calls.  Once again, I will rely on the key words/tags to quickly summarize our topics, then I will zero in on a few discussion topics that caught my attention.

Tags and key words:  Ryan Reynolds, direct public involvement in space, seeding public awareness of space, ramping up space settlement, space settlement expectations, space policy considerations, internet and space outreach, space access for all, DOD and space, settlement as inevitable, gravity RX, national security space, free space settlements, the Moon's value, conducting space education and outreach, comsats, billionaires in space, misguided criticism of the wealthy in space, video games and space, why settle space?, the cost of technology, needed engineering, needed space infrastructure, electronics in LEO and all of space, art on the lunar surface in protected zones.

Early in the show Ryan established in interest and goal in expanding space and the understanding of its importance beyond the space community to a broader section of the general public.  Much of our discussion focused on ways to do that.  He talked about ways to get more people to space, suggested using money from other government agencies to help while citing the DOD as a possible but not only example.  The comment about using DOD funds for space as an example prompted our first listener email of the day which was from Todd inquiring about Ryan's interest and understanding of national security space given his DOD funding comments.  Ryan offered a nonstandard and very interesting response to this question which I will leave for you when you listen to the show. This might be a good place for time to leave a comment or two on our blog regarding this part of our conversation. 

Listener Jolly in Florida was prompted to bring up space settlement in an email.  While Ryan thought it was inevitable and even really close, he talked about space settlement within our means and capability.  He referred us to a website,  He also said he felt like a one man campaign, he addressed the need for the gravity RX saying that without it we can't do much with humans in space.  Ryan then went on to talk about the importance of the Moon and his having picked up on the value of video games to help simulate and build both interest and participation in space.  He talked about finding new and different ways to reach people about space. 

Ft. Worth John called to talk about the Billionaires and naysayers.  Ryan said it was misguided.  Fremont John called and we talked about going to the moon but maybe not now, Artemis, the need for cislunar development and more.  John mentioned entrepreneurial companies attempting trips to the Moon.  Ryan again said that games would be important.  Fremont Jossy talked quite a bit about settlement.  After John's call, Rick called to talk about the cost of technology along with other issue.  After Rick's call, John sent in an email asking which should be first, free space settlement or planetary settlement.

In concluding the show program, Ryan read a summary statement which he also posted on the blog.  Please post your comments/questions on the blog for this show.  You can reach Ryan through the blog or me.




Open Lines caller now a Space Show guest with new ideas you have to hear

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28 Nov 2021 Ryan Reynolds
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