Broadcast 1062 (Special Edition)

28 Nov 2008 Jane Reifert
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Guest: Jane Reifert, President of Incredible Adventures, was the guest for this Space Show program. Please visit the Incredible Adventures website at for more information about the adventures discussed on the show, for custom adventures, or with your comments and questions. We talked with Jane about many of the travel adventures offered by her company, the medical requirements to participate, travel and other requirements, and more. We also spent considerable time talking with her about the essential components of a successful commercial travel adventure and we then applied to this discussion to suborbital and orbital space tourism and other space missions. At one point during the show, Jane said "Space is just another adventure" and this proved to be a popular comment. I also think it is right on the mark and 100% applicable to all of space. In fact, we spent some time talking about marketing space ventures, some of the problems in the way they are presently marketed and more. Another thing Jane said is "Don't promise what you cannot deliver." Our commercial and marketing discussions for commercial space ventures are scattered throughout our two hour show today but do listen for them. Jane has a good handle on this subject for making money. If you ever wanted to know about adventure travel programs, what is involved in putting them on and their marketing, as well as the adventures themselves, this is the program to listen to and to follow up with Jane. You can reach Jane Reifert thorough a number of ways using the Incredible Adventures website including snail mail to 6604 Midnight Pass Rd - Sarasota, FL 34242, phone calls to 1-800-644-7382, and email to Jane at If you send email, please put "For Jane re Space Show" in the subject line.



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