Broadcast 631 (Special Edition)

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Dr. Henry Hertzfeld returned to The Space Show for this special program. Last on the show April 9, 2003, we opened up discussing the changes in the space world since his earlier guest appearance on the program. We talked about changes resulting from the Columbia accident, the VSE, SS1 and more. In addition, we discussed his 2005 paper, "Launch Vehicles: An Economic Perspective." You can find this paper and many others of his as well as others from the Space Policy Dept. at GWU by visiting the website, The paper we discussed is third down from the top and I urge listeners to download and read it as Dr. Hertzfeld addresses important topics and presents solid conclusions based on quality analysis to many crucial issues facing the development and implementation of space vehicles. In addition, note this email address on the site: If you have follow up questions or comments for Professor Hertzfeld, please send them to him using this email address. Please put for his attention and The Space Show in the subject line of your email. If you like, please copy your question or comment to and I will also follow up or reply if you request it. In the discussion regarding launch vehicles, we talked about the government program which includes the military and NASA and we discussed the entrepreneurial part of the industry as well. Dr. Hertzfeld stressed the importance of quality business management and economic analysis in addition to the obviously needed engineering. Listeners asked him questions about the impact of lowering launch costs on increasing the flight rate and you will want to hear his answer and why. We also talked about the demand curve and the elasticity for demand of launch vehicles. Later in the show, Dr. Hertzfeld explained how we measure socioeconomic benefits using the weather and earth observation satellites. This is a most valuable discussion. Don't miss it. In addition to our comprehensive discussion on most all things relating to launch vehicles, EELVs, RLVs, markets, supply and demand, flight rates, killer aps and more, we talked about two very important space law issues, ITAR and property rights. As Professor Hertzfeld is also an attorney, he brings to this discussion not just the legal perspective, but the policy, regulatory, engineering, technical and scientific perspective. His views regarding property rights are especially important to note. In addition to the paper mentioned above that we discussed during the show, I urge listeners to download and read all the papers available on the Space Policy website for GWU. Its certain that Dr. Hertzfeld will return to The Space Show much sooner than another three plus year hiatus.



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28 Nov 2006 Dr. Henry Hertzfeld
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