Broadcast 282 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

28 Nov 2004 Brad Blair
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Brad Blair was the guest on The Space Show today, discussing lunar development, hydrogen, HE3 issues, ISRU and more. I pointed out to Mr. Blair some of the controversy surrounding hydrogen and HE3 and asked for his take on the varying points of view. Early in the show, Mr. Blair, when talking about living off the resources of space, specifically the Moon, the issue of animals for feed and pets came up. Mr. Blair's comments on this topic were most interesting. In response to a listener question about using resources from the planet Mercury, Brad addressed many issues and stated that he was very open to learning more about Mercury in this context. However, the Moon is still the closest celestial body to Earth and should be our starting point. Jeff from the UK brought into the equation the fusion reactor that is being pursued by the EU and that led to a lively discussion with Brad about various fusion technologies, what seems to work and does not, the economics of the differing methods, our DOE that does the experimentation, the reactors and players in the program, and what is relevant about the EU approach and the type of reactor they are using for their program. Mr. Blair also responded to listener questions about space infrastructure and the dual usage of it with the militarization of space. Brad also spoke in orbit fuel depots and fuel supplies, multiple versus single stage rockets, space mining and more. He briefly touched on heavy lift launch vehicles and why he is not supportive of them, petroleum production here on Earth and lots more. Brad Blair brought Space Show listeners into a new realm of interest areas. You certainly will not want to miss this program.



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