Broadcast 475 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

28 Mar 2006 Dr. Thomas D. Jones
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Dr. Tom Jones was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Jones began the interview speaking about his new book, "Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir." This is an exceptional book and it provided the basics for this program as we discussed space walking, on orbit construction, our spiritual connection to space, space food, exercise in space, space suits, even the astronaut's family remaining back here on Earth and the effect of the launch and space mission on the family staying behind. We also discussed the VSE and Dr. Jones offered his ideas on how to improve it which include being very careful not to be sucked into an endless and limiting pit on the Moon (if it turns out not to be what we hope it will be) and instead start visiting near Earth asteroids. Not only is his idea explained in his book, he went into it in some detail on the program. Dr. Jones also addressed the geopolitical issues of China or Russia getting to the Moon first or staying there if we did not. He was also asked about the flight and performance characteristics of the different shuttle craft and you will find his response to this question very interesting. Along the same lines, he got a question about his B52 flight days and training to drop hydrogen bombs on the enemy. This is a seldom explored field on The Space Show or probably in any format so you won't want to miss what Dr. Jones had to say about his B52 missions. Some of what he said spills over to space because he worked with the Russians, the targets of his B52 flights, in building the ISS. His book addresses this in detail and we talked about it on the show. Dr. Jones explored many other important topics with us, many of which are directly applicable to the emerging New Space industry and space tourism. You can find out more about Dr. Jones at his website, including ordering his book there, just visit For further email contact, he can be reached at



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