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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston;  Topics:  During our one segment two hour plus discussion we covered multiple topics with multiple callers to the program.  See the tags below for topics covered in this program.

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Welcome to our Open Lines discussion.  We started our one segment two hour plus program by noting the passing of two great people in the space industry, Chris Kraft and Dr. Ed McCullough.  As I knew Ed personally and he was a guest on several Space Show programs, I announced that this week's programs would be in his memory. Later near the end of the program when closed life support systems came up for discussion and I mentioned the great space architect that used to be on the show for closed loop life support programming, Constance Adams, I discovered (or remembered) that she had passed away last year.  I would like to add Ms. Adams to our week of morning as she was a friend and a great Space Show guest.  I will miss Ed, Constance and though I never met or interviewed Chris, he is also missed.

In addition, I want to mention one topic I put out there for discussion, the Storm Area 51 movement.  This movement has gone viral on a global basis.  I explained what this was during the discussion but I want to add some additional warning comments.  While on air, I said it would be highly entertaining and make for great radio, I also want to strongly caution anyone planning on participating in this project against doing it.  Were this to really happen, not only would there be serious national security challenges to you to keep you from getting onto Area 51, challenges and consequences that could be injurious to you or worse. Trying to get through the high desert in the hot weather around 3AM might prove deadly with the scorpions and rattlesnakes all over the place at that time of day.  Just trying to hike through many miles of desert at night would alone be dangerous.  So while I was joking around with it on air, I want to stress that this is a really bad idea and I hope nobody tries it.  Stay safe and sane please.  That said, once again I was surprised by the legs this story had for discussion on this show plus the ongoing coverage of Tic Tac.  These are national stories with legs. No wonder they are also sought after stories on The Space Show.

John Hunt was our first caller with a preferred topic focusing on the Artemis return to the Moon program.  John talked about the challenges for the program and the stated 2024 and 2028 timelines.  We talked about the need for lunar spacesuits as well, plus I asked John for his thoughts on the NASA human spaceflight personnel changes and impact on the Artemis program.  John was then asked if he was skeptical about our proposed lunar return.  He said he was regarding the 2024 timeline but not for the future. 

Marshall called to talk about the Storm Area 51 Movement which I put out as a suggested show topic for the day.  Actually, I was surprised so many callers grabbed this topic wanting to talk about it and Tic Tac today.  I actually thought it would die after I put it out there for discussion.  Marshall talked about his past experiences with national security.  Regarding our efforts to return to the Moon, Marshall suggested a different staff for the Moon may be needed. He threw out Elon's name, then we talked about other possible high profile people who would be effective at delegating work and responsibility.  He thought people from Boeing, Lockheed and maybe even the NewSpace industry might be a source for such fresh leadership. 

Our next caller was Jerry in Merritt Island, Florida.  We don't get to hear from Jerry that often as he has had some health issues so it was really great to hear from him today and to hear how good he sounded.  Jerry surprised me and wanted to talk about Tic-Tac!  He had very interesting comments, suggested it was an interesting event, that he was not willing to dismiss it as nonsense and thought that it was likely advanced technology being demonstrated by us or another nation.  Don't miss Jerry's full comments on the subject.  I hope we hear from Jerry again soon. He has been a great source for SpaceX news over the years and I look forward to his continued keeping us informed on SpaceX and other things happening around the Cape.

Our supporter and guest Michael Listner called to talk about our Moon plans.  I asked him about the One Small Step Act which he thought was OK but weak.  Listen to his critique of the Act and let us know what you think about it.  Both Michael and I think the House will sign the bill as the Senate has already done so and President Trump will sign it.  Regarding his comments on the Moon plan, he said the play right now is behind the scenes and the current NASA Administrator is the guy to do it.  He did not support the earlier Marshall suggestions about getting new lunar program management. He said we needed to wait and see but he thought because it was an election year, not much would get done.  Don't miss all of what Michael had to say. 

John Hunt called back to talk Moon vs. Mars, the need for space infrastructure and the need to advance human factors and closed life support development.  He mentioned both Bezos and Musk, questioned where they were on human factors as they never talk about that part of their human spaceflight program.  We had a good discussion about human factors so don't miss it.

Freemont John was the next caller but he called to talk with John Hunt so I connected the two for an Open Lines dialog.  Freemont John brought up the recent CBS News interview with Elon where he talked about being able to go to Mars with a crew by 2024.  He also raised the issue of human factors, specifically artificial gravity.  He even talked about the possibility of spinning Starship but then the Coriolis  effect was discussed by the two John participants.  A listener sent in an email about Musk plans to pre-station supplies and equipment on Mars but that did not address the human factors concerns our callers were talking about or the voyage out to Mars.  Food, shielding, eye issue and more were brought up.  In my research of closed life support during this discussion, I was reminded that my previous guest on the subject, Constance Adams, had passed away last year.  Please see the comments I made about her at the start of this summary. 

Please note that during an earlier discussion, Dr. Jurist sent in an email making the point that alternative NASA lunar project management might include academic leadership.  John was having phone line issues so we were doing email.  I asked on air if he had any suggestions for academic leadership for the project but no such suggestions were offered.  Perhaps some of you might have good suggestions for alternative NASA lunar project leadership.  If so, let us know your choices by posting on our blog for this show.

There were no additional phone calls or listener emails.  I did go through the upcoming Space Show schedule, then we closed  the Open Lines program for the day.  Please be sure to post any comments or questions on our blog for this show.  If you want to reach any of our callers or those sending in an email, please let me know. 




Your topics, space topics, STEM, STEAM, all calls welcome

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28 Jul 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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