Broadcast 989 (Special Edition)

28 Jul 2008 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. The first segment of this Open Lines program was not space related as I summarized my experiences on my son's movie set in the Santa Barbara, CA area two weeks ago using a tiger in the movie. During this segment, I discussed what it was like working with a wild animal, how the actors and those on the set were trained to behave with the tiger, what the trainers do, how shots are filmed, and what it's like to work, play, and handle a tiger. It's not space related, but it's fascinating and I will not view an animal movie again the same way now that I have been on the inside of how it is done. As mentioned on air, if you want to see the sketch comedy films my son and his friends are doing, visit The Shere Kahn (the tiger's name) movie "Lightening Cats" is not yet out of post but you can see their first five comedy sketches. As I said on the air, if you have no stomach for totally irreverent, sometimes crass, bawdy and definitely not PC college and older humor, don't see the sketches. Dees Guys is definitely over the top and outrageous so don't say you were not warned! Still, some of the sketches are pretty funny and I bet all of you will really like the tiger movie when its out. During the rest of this special two hour program, we discussed many topics with the listeners including the quality of space journalism and news reporting, the continuation of many in the space community counting that which is possible or plausible sometime in the future as if it's in existence right now, here in the present. Dr. Jurist called in on this subject, you will want to hear what he had to say about this and listen to the full discussion. Andrew from Tucson called in with a great idea to spark garage inventors to tool up and do small, useful space related project that can help us move toward space development. We even talked about offering small prizes for such projects and we used the N-Prize as an example. Following Andrew, Mojave's Charles called in to tell us that he had entered the N-Prize, what he was doing for his small satellite, and the rocket that his group will be building to make it happen. After exploring this with Charles, we got a firsthand report on the roll out of White Knight 2 at Mojave today as Charles was able to see it all from a few hundred yards away. You will certainly want to hear this report from Charles and how he is building an N-Prize tiny satellite inside a small Styrofoam cup! During the last segment of the show, I returned to the topic of poor science and space reporting and journalism as this is really a problem given that policy is often made on the basis of bogus news reporting on these and other subjects. Solutions are welcome. In addition to these topics, we talked about the importance of the Mars Society Conference this year, Dr. Zubrin's connecting the dots with space development and Mars to our economy, and the problems caused by high energy prices. Another point of discussion was the recent show with Bob Zimmerman and the disgruntled email that came in accusing Bob and The Space Show of crossing partisan political lines, even suggesting that Bob be barred from The Space Show. You will want to hear my comments on this issue. If you have questions or comments about this Open Lines discussion, please send them to me at I will also forward any comments or questions you have for those that called the program.



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