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Guest:  Laura Forczyk; Topics: Laura's book "Rise Of The Space Age Millennials: The Space Aspirations of a Rising Generation," plus additional multiple commercial space topics, policy issues, and STEM subjects.

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We welcomed Laura Forczyk to the program for a one segment 71 minute discussion  regarding multiple commercial space, policy, educational, STEM and book publication topics.  Early on in the discussion, we featured Laura's Kickstarter program for her new book which should be released in April, "Rise Of The Space Age Millennials: The Space Aspirations of a Rising Generation."  We spent close to the first half of the program discussing her book and the subject of millennials in space.  Laura responded to many of my questions plus emails from listeners regarding her book, the 100 interviews she did to get the information for the book, plus we all wanted to know more about millennials, their presence in graduate school, gender makeup plus their interest in all aspects of the space industry.  Make sure you listen to our full conversation as it was most interesting.  In addition, I look forward to the publication of her book and after reading it, talking more about this subject with our guest.  You can get more information on the book and her Kickstarter project by visiting  Note what our guest said about the small sample size.   Many of us, myself included, point out the small sample size associated with many space ideas, projects, research efforts, etc.  Relying on assumptions and conclusions drawn from small sample size projects can be risky, especially if bias exists in the source material supporting the conclusions/assumptions from a small sample size project. 

We talked more about the availability of the book, a possible April publication date, plus Jerry wanted to know how to get the book.  Laura told Jerry that there were several ways to get it including through the Kickstarter website or Amazon.  If you want an autographed copy, go through the website.  Laura mentioned in passing the obtaining of ISBN numbers.  I was unaware that each version of book needed its own ISBN number.  Next, Laura and I talked about her consulting business.  Here, go to her consulting website,  To find out about her consulting business, click on the Consulting Services link at the top of the home page or go to  We talked about the different market components and industry segments mentioned on her consulting page.  Please check it out and don't forget to post comments/questions/suggestions on our blog.

When I introduced Laura at the top of our program, I mentioned that she was a NASA Subject Matter Expert in the field of planetary science.  I was not familiar with NASA Subject Matter Experts program so I asked Laura to describe it to us.  To find out more about this NASA program, visit the many pages for the different Subject Matter Experts that will come up with a search for NASA Subject Matter Experts.  For example, here is the link to the science subject matter expert application:

Alex from Denver asked about plans to return to the Moon with people.  Laura talked about our lunar efforts, Congress, the White House and funds.  In the same context, we talked about cislunar development and going directly to the lunar surface rather than the Gateway.  This discussion led to a Moon Mars discussion.  Don't miss what Laura said about the Moon Mars discussion and her interest in going to either location.  You might be surprised by what she said about Mars or lunar trip.  In this discussion, when talking about how millennials thought about Moon Mars, Laura pointed out that even having interviewed a hundred people for the book, it was still a very small sample size.  Don't miss the full discussion on this subject. 

Other topics addressed before the end of the program included interstellar space, exoplanets, the search for ET life, human spaceflight risks,  gravity issues, and timelines.  Larry then sent in a note asking her about her career consulting services per her website.  In this discussion we talked about the leading space careers, increasing career opportunities, and more. 

Laura offered us concluding comments which you will want to hear. Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Laura through me or her website.




Astralytical consulting & the Rise of the Space Age Millennials

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28 Jan 2019 Laura Forczyk
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