Broadcast 880 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

28 Jan 2008 Joan Horvath
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Guest: Joan Horvath. Joan Horvath returned to The Space Show to talk about her new book, "What Scientists Actually Do." You can learn more about, look at the table of contents, and even read an excerpt at the website, Joan explained why she wrote the book, the need for it, and what readers are the target audience. Our discussion soon turned to education with Ms Horvath providing a broad look at science and engineering education in our country, both with schoolchildren and adults. Joan told us about the pitfalls in teaching for a test rather than helping the students learn about science and engineering by experimenting, designing, tinkering, and building things. We talked about many of the subjects covered in the book including conspiracy theory, should we believe what we read and hear, and much more. We also talked about the role of science fiction in influencing our perception of real science and scientists. You will want to hear this discussion. This is an excellent book which explains many things that might be mysterious to many people. You can send Ms. Horvath a comment or question through me at The book is due to be released in a few days; however pre-orders at receive a 5% pre-order discount so check it out at



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